Here you will find frequently asked questions about membership in the JBAS

Information on joining, canceling, changing the post category and contact details


When is my membership valid?

  • After submitting your membership application and the accession form (as a scan by e-mail or the original by post) you will receive a written confirmation of your membership and your contribution invoice.

  • Note: Formally, the approval of our entire board of directors is still required for your entry (JBAS Statute), which takes place with the first subsequent board meeting.


How long is my membership in the JBAS valid?

  • Membership is automatically renewed for a further calendar year if it is not terminated by situations and circumstances listed in the JBAS Statute.


I have moved, how we I notify my address change? What do we have to do if representative of our company in JBAS has changed?

  • You can conveniently notify us of your company contacts, address, or any other changes by sending us the updated information via e-mail. We are of course also there for you personally at office@jbas.rs at any time.

  • If you change your mailing or billing address, please contact us at office@jbas.rs.


Conditions of participation


Can I take part in JBAS events even if I am not a member?

  • Yes, most of the events are open to anyone interested.

  • As a rule, full participation fees apply to non-members. Please refer to the program of the respective event for further details.


I am a JBAS member, do I have to register for JBAS events?

  • Yes, a written registration using the online form is required in any case


I am a JBAS member, do I have to pay to attend JBAS events?

  • Most of our events are free of charge for our members, but please refer to the program of the respective event for exact details.

  • Depending on the membership category each member company can take part with a predefine number of representatives free of charge.


I have registered, but can no longer participate, do I have to cancel?

  • Yes, in accordance with our conditions of participation, timely, written cancellation by email is necessary even for last-minute changes.

  • If there is no timely cancellation, we ask for your understanding that we have to invoice the costs that we incur due to the catering - also for JBAS members




How can I support the JBAS at its events?


  • Actively and regularly participating

  • Content cooperation

  • Contact mediation

  • Application through your channels

  • Display of our event overview

  • Provision of your premises

  • Sponsoring/Assumption of costs


Feel free to contact us at office@jbas.rs!


How can I hold an event together with the JBAS?

  • Please contact us at office@jbas.rs.

  • Prerequisite: thematically, there must be a clear economic reference with relevance for Serbian-Japanese relations or JBAS members.


How can the JBAS support me at my event?

  • We are happy to support events organized by our members and partners that deal with a clear Serbian-Japanese economic topic or link.

  • We can advertise your event via our channels, such as the JBAS website, via our social media, LinkedIn by mailing or by displaying the program (for example at our events).

  • As a non-profit association, generally we cannot provide any financial support


Who can publish events on the JBAS website?

  • Exclusively entrepreneurial, institutional, and other JBAS members and partners


What can I do if I met someone at your event but don't have their contact details (anymore)?

  • Contact us at office@jbas.rs. We are happy to establish contact.

  • We ask for your understanding that we are not allowed to directly give out any contact details for reasons of data protection.


There is a photo of me in your event archive, what can I do if I want it to be deleted?

  • nd films at an event or after. If you have specific requests in this regard, please contact us at office@jbas.rs. Whenever possible, we will make sure to promptly act according your request


Does JBAS participate in international projects and activities?

Yes. JBAS is known for participating in international projects and activities directly or in cooperation with other institutions as JICA, JETRO, JCCI, and EU funded projects as well as in various national programs.


How can you help us bring our business to the international level?

JBAS gives companies personalized support to expand their international operations.


Do you provide consulting for individuals or companies that are aiming to enter the Serbian or the Japanese market?

Yes. JBAS also performs market, product, and competition research as well as it can provide full support


What is expatriates assistance?

JBAS can offer basic assistance to expatriates on arrival in Serbia. This can include support regarding public transportation, taxi services, accommodation and restaurants as well as support regarding most of basic needs for expatriates in Serbia and the region.


Member Benefits

Would you like to promote your product/service by offering preferential rate to the JBAS members? Please contact us at office@jbas.rs

If your question has not yet been answered, please contact us!